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National “Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation” begins April 1, 2015

#WhyPlumbingMatters Contribution courtesy of @WaterWorldMag

In light of at least 36 states facing water shortages this year, mayors across the country are encouraging residents to commit to conserve water and reduce pollution by participating in the "Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation," a 30-day, non-profit competition taking place throughout the month of April, aiming to drastically cut water and energy use throughout the nation.

American Standard Shows #WhyPlumbingMatters Through Charitable Outreach

#WhyPlumbingMatters Contribution courtesy of @AMStandard

PMI Member American Standard knows the important role plumbing plays in people’s lives. They make it a point to give back to those in need through charitable projects and the donation of plumbing products. For the past two World Toilet days they have given toilets to deserving organizations including Our House in 2014 and an elementary school in 2013. Click here to read more about their World Toilet Day donations.

Restoring Water to the Colorado River Basin with @ChangeTheCourse and @pivot_tv

#WhyPlumbingMatters contribution courtesy of @Kohler

Change the Course and Pivot TV teamed up to restore two million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin on March 22, 2015 in celebration of World Water Day. Hosting a 24-hour marathon of pledges they reported a total of 106,274 pledges and returned 106 millions of gallons to the Colorado River Basin by the end of the day. World Water Day may have ended, but pledging remains open.

Chasing Leaks for Fix a Leak Week with EPA WaterSense

#WhyPlumbingMatters Contribution via EPA WaterSense

Leaks can run, but they can’t hide—see how to save 10,000 gallons in 10 minutes with Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program as they chase down leaks in honor of Fix a Leak Week. EPA notes, household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually across the US, yet another reason why plumbing matters. Join them as they hunt them down in honor of Fix a Leak Week.

#WhyPlumbingMatters: PMI Member Celebrates World Plumbing Day By Helping NOLA School Save Water

#WhyPlumbingMatters contribution courtesy of Sloan Valve Co. via Environmental Leader Magazine

Benjamin Franklin High School, in New Orleans, LA received a donation from Sloan Valve Co, a PMI Manufacturing Member, to convert their old 3.5 gallon per flush (gpf) toilets to 1.6 gpf models. The donation resulted in a 54% reduction in water use by the schools toilets. Additional donations made by Sloan to convert the school’s urinals from 1.5 gpf models to 0.25 gpf saved an additional 83% in urinal water use.

Infographic: How Water-Wise Are You Canada?

#WhyPlumbingMatters contribution courtesy of Ralph Suppa, Canadian Institute Plumbing and Heating (CIPH), a PMI ally.

CIPH and its members are committed to encouraging responsible water usage by all Canadians. This year, in concert with World Plumbing Day, CIPH sponsored a survey about Canadian water habits. The resulting infographic below illustrates what current habits are and has tips for additional ways to save water.

Delta Faucet Contributes to Water Efficiency and Savings, Recognized by WaterSense

#WhyPlumbingMatters contribution courtesy of Paul Patton, Delta

As a global plumbing leader, Delta Faucet understands the importance of working together as an industry to address water concerns. By innovating to help users intuitively save water without sacrificing experience, WaterSense partners, like Delta Faucet, help Americans alone save billions of gallons per year. As Delta continues to expand into new, emerging markets, introducing water-efficient innovations will remain among our top priorities for the residential and commercial space.