Membership Application

Manufacturing Membership

Potential Manufacturing Members of PMI must manufacture, in a significant quantity, one or more plumbing industry products that are sold within the US and Canada.

The first step to becoming a Manufacturing Member of PMI is filling out the membership application form. After the application form is received, it will be reviewed by the Executive Director of Plumbing Manufacturers International and the Board of Directors. It will then be determined if the potential member meets the manufacturing prerequisites set forth by the membership by-laws.

Once approved, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of PMI!

2020 Dues Schedule

Incentive to Join PMI!

A 3-year dues abatement plan is available to companies paying a dues level of $20,000 or more

  • Upon approval of your membership application by the PMI Board of Directors, your dues will be assessed as follows:
  • 50% of the actual amount for year 1 of membership
  • 60% of the actual amount for year 2 of membership
  • 80% of the actual amount for year 3 of membership
  • 100% of the actual amount for year 4 of membership
  • Full dues will be assessed in year 4 of the program.

Call for details! 847-481-5500

(Note: This incentive plan is not available to current members.)

2019 Sales Level   2020 Dues
$0 $10,000,000 $12,850
$10,000,001 $20,000,000 $17,500
$20,000,001 $40,000,000 $23,500
$40,000,001 $70,000,000 $41,000
$70,000,001 $100,000,000 $58,000
$100,000,001 $250,000,000 $70,000
$250,000,001 $500,000,000 $93,000
$500,000,001 $750,000,000 $116,000
$750,000,001 $1,000,000,000 $139,500
$1,000,000,001 Above $162,300

Allied Membership

The Allied Member category of membership is open to accredited certifiers, qualified to certify products to plumbing codes and consensus standards; suppliers who provide raw materials and sublet processing, e.g., brass suppliers, steel suppliers, plating services to the plumbing industry; and vendors who provide statistical information or marketing data to the plumbing industry.

PMI recognizes the important role certifiers, suppliers and vendors play in the plumbing manufacturing industry and believes the Allied Member category is the ideal way to include these organizations in PMI’s mission to the be the voice of the industry.

Allied Members receive a number of benefits of PMI membership, including the following:

  • Allied members may attend PMI conferences, workshops and events at the reduced “regular member” rate.
  • Allied members may attend the receptions, dinners and other social events held in conjunction with PMI conferences.
  • Allied members will receive meeting minutes from conferences.
  • Allied members receive the monthly Ripple Effect and the bi-weekly Inside My PMI e-newsletter.
  • Allied members are allowed to participate in advocacy briefings and Capitol Hill visits as organized by PMI’s Advocacy team.

Your organization has the opportunity to network with its existing or potential customers at our annual meetings, receive early warning “heads up” on critical industry issues and participate in key information exchange, all at a special Allied Member rate.

2020 Dues


Please fill out the Membership Application and return to:


Plumbing Manufacturers International
Kerry Stackpole, CEO/Executive Director
1750 Tysons Blvd. Ste. 1500
McLean, Virginia 22102


(847) 481-5501