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Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is a not-for-profit industry association of plumbing products manufacturers. Our member companies produce 90% of the United States’ plumbing products and contribute to PMI’s industry leadership through proactive efforts that unify and strengthen the industry. These efforts include advocating for plumbing product performance and innovation in support of water efficiency and savings, sustainability, public health and safety, and consumer satisfaction.

As industry leaders in producing safe, reliable and innovative water-efficient plumbing technologies, our members recognize the importance and value of networking, learning and sharing through PMI. Our members have helped PMI earn its role as a thought leader on key public health issues, including preventing Legionella and reducing lead in plumbing. Watch this video featuring PMI members talking about the benefits of attending the PMI Manufacturing Success Conference and our PMI Value Videos about the benefits of PMI membership. Join PMI today!

Forming Strong Industry Alliances

PMI has developed many alliances in the plumbing industry to further strengthen the industry and PMI’s vision of “Safe, responsible plumbing. Always.” Our strategic partnerships with counterpart organizations in Canada, Mexico and other nations help our members gain insight on international industry issues and learn about new technologies and manufacturing processes.

PMI also partners with others associated with the industry, including water and energy commissions and water utilities, offering technical assistance and guidance on important water efficiency, savings and safety issues. Valuable knowledge from those relationships is regularly shared with PMI members, like the case study, “Collaborating on a Commitment to Sustainability.

Making a Legislative Impact

As an advocate for its members in the legislative and regulatory arena, PMI provides early warning notice on critical industry issues, such as initiatives relating to water efficiency, recycled water, and water infrastructure. PMI’s leadership and staff works closely with members represented on PMI’s Advocacy/Government Affairs, Allied Member, Commerce, Technical, and Water Efficiency and Sustainability Committees to successfully represent and defend members’ interests on high-priority legislative issues.

Activities include PMI’s participation in the PMI Washington, D.C., Legislative Forum and Fly In and PMI Sacramento, Calif., Legislative Forum and Fly In, where PMI leaders, members and staff meet with regulators and legislators to discuss the issues and share PMI’s technical expertise.

Learning and Networking

PMI provides several events for learning, networking and exchanging information, including the annual PMI Manufacturing Success Conference, Inspiring Leaders’ Program, PMI member committees, and regularly scheduled webinars. These learning opportunities give members the opportunity to join the discussion on a wide variety of topics important to their companies and the industry, from codes and standards, to international trade relationships, to the challenges of indoor recycled water use.