A Virtual Guide to Manufacturing Success, PMI20 Opens Registration

McLean, Va. – Sept. 2, 2020 – With registration now open, the virtual PMI20 Manufacturing Success Conference, Nov. 10-12, promises to be a digital experience filled with three days of member-focused, content-rich insight. Moving from San Diego and coming to a computer or tablet screen near you, PMI20 will be remote physically, but not in spirit. Register for PMI20 today!

Despite being unable to physically get together, Plumbing Manufacturers International members should not expect anything less than a PMI Conference’s typical action-packed and valuable agenda. This special event will inform, engage and enlighten members while keeping them safe. They can participate in PMI20’s exciting professional development opportunities for just a few hours a day while simultaneously staying on top of their typical work and life responsibilities.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: Time commitment – 2 to 4 p.m. CT

Welcome, keynote address from Rachel Hanfling, election/political update

Opening remarks will be given by PMI Board of Directors President Joel Smith and CEO/Executive Director Kerry Stackpole. Following their welcome to PMI members and other attendees, the PMI20 keynote presentation will be given by Rachel Hanfling, an Emmy-nominated producer of Oprah and Anderson Cooper. She will present on the language of leadership, interacting with her audience as she walks them through her six-step process: listening, unique messaging, practice, delivery, reaping rewards and setting new goals. Following a quick break, the first day will wrap up with an election/political update from Jim Ellis of Ellis Insight; he is a 35-year veteran of politics at the state and national levels.

Wednesday, Nov. 11: Time commitment: 2 to 4:30 CT

Trade update, presentations on premise plumbing

The day will begin with trade updates given by Crowell & Moring colleagues David Stepp, partner; Evan Y. Chuck, partner; and Robert Clifton Burns, senior counsel. The law firm provides multinational companies with strategic advice on global customs and international trade compliance matters including export controls, economic sanctions, customs, and security issues.

Next up, Dr. Andrew Persily, chief of the Energy and Environment Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), will provide advice on “Identifying Key Research Needs for Premise Plumbing.” Dr. Persily has performed research into indoor air quality and ventilation since the late 1970s and has worked to develop and apply measurement techniques to evaluate airflows in a variety of building types.

Closing up day two of PMI20 will be Dr. Steven Buchberger, professor, University of Cincinnati. He will discuss “Hunter’s Curve Meets March Madness: Estimating Peak Demands in Premise Plumbing Systems.” Dr. Buchberger’s teaching interests include surface water hydrology, water quality modeling, and reliability analysis in engineering design.

Thursday, Nov. 12: Time commitment – 2 to 5 p.m. CT

COVID-19 and the new reality, opportunistic pathogen exposure prevention, the Lunar Loo

On the final day of PMI20, a conversation about “COVID-19 and the New Norm” will occur between market researcher Brad Farnsworth, president of The Farnsworth Group; remote work strategist and advocate Laurel Ferrer; and co-chair of the Littler Workplace Safety and Health (OSHA/MSHA) Practice Group Brad Hammock. This session will be moderated by Ashlei Williams, editor of Plumbing Engineer and chief marketing officer of PHCP Pros.

After the panel presentation, Dr. Steven Soifer, professor, University of Mississippi, will present about the “Conditions of Public Restrooms in Light of COVID-19.” Dr. Soifer is also the co-founder and former CEO of the International Paruresis Association and president of the American Restroom Association.

“Assessing the Impact of Silver in Shower Heads on Opportunistic Pathogen Abundance and Resistance,” the final presentation of PMI20, will be delivered by Dr. Leanne M. Gilbertson of the University of Pittsburgh. Gilbertson’s primary research interests include environmental engineering, life cycle assessment, sustainable material design and sustainable nanotechnology.

The closing of PMI20 will feature the NASA Lunar Loo Challenge – a contest to seek new designs for a toilet that will work in microgravity and lunar gravity – along with a virtual happy hour. Steve Rader, deputy manager of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation, and HeroX CEO Christian Cotichini will talk about this fun and interesting contest.

PMI20’s concise presentations will be designed to gain and sustain attention. The latest virtual technology will deliver visual interest and opportunities to engage in real time with speakers and fellow members.

PMI20 will stay true to PMI’s vision - safe, responsible plumbing - always - while giving it new meaning during these challenging times.

Sponsorship in the virtual space brings even more value

The virtual nature of PMI20 will not reduce sponsorship opportunities to organizations wishing to get their messages across to decision-makers in the plumbing manufacturing industry.

Sponsorship messages will have more impact for the buck because conference participants will be focused on their screens throughout the entire event. The visibility will continue beyond PMI20 as attendees access materials post-conference. And typical exhibiting costs such as furnishings, marketing materials, and staff time will be reduced or eliminated.

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Event sponsorships are available. The Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorships come with one or more complimentary PMI20 registrations, and the Event sponsorships are each limited to one sponsor only.

Learn more about the benefits of sponsorship by downloading the PMI20 sponsorship brochure.

About Plumbing Manufacturers International

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is the trade association of plumbing product manufacturers that produce more than 90 percent of the United States’ plumbing products, represent more than 150 iconic brands, and develop safe, reliable and innovative water-efficient plumbing technologies. PMI members contribute more than 464,000 jobs and $85.5 billion in economic impact to America's economy.

With a vision of safe, responsible plumbing – always, PMI advocates for plumbing product performance contributing to water efficiency and savings, sustainability, public health and safety, and consumer satisfaction. PMI members manufacture water-efficient toilets, urinals, faucets, showerheads and other products at more than 70 locations across the country and market them online and in more than 24,000 home improvement stores, hardware stores and showrooms in all 50 states. For more information on PMI, contact the organization at 1750 Tysons Blvd., Ste. 1500, McLean, Va., 22102; tel.: 847-481-5500; fax: 847-481-5501. www.safeplumbing.org.


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