Plumbing Manufacturers International’s Inspiring Leaders Program to Take Off at Museum of Flight

Seattle – April 5, 2023 – Amelia Earhart, an American aviator who set many flying records, said, “Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?”

Like Earhart, those who participate in this year’s Plumbing Manufacturers International Inspiring Leaders Program at Seattle’s Museum of Flight will break through boundaries and, perhaps, find their way toward fulfilling career dreams and aspirations.

The museum will provide an exciting backdrop for the program, which takes place on the first day of the Oct. 23-26 PMI23 Manufacturing Success Conference in Seattle. The PMI Inspiring Leaders Program fosters leadership, teamwork, creativity and innovation within an inspiring and supportive environment, with an emphasis on small-group dynamics.

Now in its fourth year, this program draws from art, sports and other fields of endeavor to inspire participants to cultivate the creative skills we all have to become better leaders, innovators and teammates. This event previously occurred at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, USS Midway Museum in San Diego, and Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

Museum will provide an inspiring backdrop

The museum features special aircraft and spacecraft exhibits, stories of courage, and beautiful views of Mt. Rainier. PMI Inspiring Leaders Program participants can enjoy the museum’s collection of more than 175 aircraft and spacecraft, tens of thousands of artifacts, millions of rare photographs, dozens of exhibits and experiences, and a world-class library. Attendees will have access to an outside pavilion that features 20 rare and unique commercial and military aircraft from the 1930s to the present.

As the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world, the Museum of Flight provides stories of courage and dedication of the men and women who engaged in WWI and WWII air combat. It also houses a 1935 Lockheed Electra, one of only two in the world and the same type as Earhart’s famous plane.

Other museum features include interactive and immersive experiences using flight simulators that allow visitors to feel like an Apollo 11 astronaut on a trip to the Moon. Another exhibit invites visitors to climb into the cockpit of an actual SR-71A Blackbird reconnaissance plane or a full-scale mock-up of an F/A-18L Hornet fighter, notes the museum website.

PMI will provide more details and open registration as the event draws near.

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