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Reflections on a Great Year: Resolve to Evolve

We are now a few weeks removed from our 2015 Annual Conference. I recall flying into San Antonio on a Saturday and noticing the unfavorable weather conditions thinking I didn’t want it to rain because the downtown area is very pleasant for a stroll by the Riverwalk area. Fortunately, I brought some of that SoCal (Southern California) sunny weather and the rest is history.

Time Flies When You’re Managing an Industry Association!

August through early November was a crazy busy time for PMI and in particular… for me. Member visits, industry meetings, the September Executive Fly-In, government meetings, the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) conference in the UK and our own PMI conference resulted in nearly non-stop travel.

Safer Consumer Products Regulation Warrants Watching

As covered in my last Ripple Effect article, the regulations known as “California Proposition 65” put restrictions on the chemicals that manufacturers utilize in their products by requiring them to provide a “clear and reasonable” warning before knowingly exposing the public to a chemical included on the Proposition 65 List. In my opinion, there is one regulation in California that could eventually have a more costly impact on plumbing product manufacturers than California Proposition 65 known as the “Safer Consumer Products” program.

All for One and One for All – Are You In or Out?

I was asked a question recently in casual conversation and my answer was apparently not what the questioner expected. The topic was the formation of a group in our industry focused on “women’s” issues. I’m not a fan of such segmentation in business.

The road to equality has been a long and ongoing one. Subsets have long yearned to be considered part of the larger group, whether the distinctions are based on gender, ethnicity or something else. Why now at this late stage in our history do we want to separate out groups which have otherwise become amalgamated?

California Proposition 65 – What it Means for Members

Southern California is packed with unique things to see and do. In the short time my family and I lived there, we never experienced a shortage of sites to explore: Big Bear Mountain, the beautiful beaches of La Jolla, and Joshua Tree National Park, just to name a few. A unique aspect to living in California that I have never seen anywhere else, was the following: “WARNING: This product (or area) may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

PMI Chalks Up a Big “W” in California

PMI is no stranger to California politics and policy making and being an influential part of the process is where our strengths lie. While we have all heard the slogan Every Drop Counts, we can attest that every effort counts with respect to saving water in California and anywhere else for that matter!

Leveraging Resources to Communicate Our Message

This has been a summer especially rich in collaboration and outreach with PMI leveraging and strengthening its relationships through our network. Over the years, and with a Sacramento fly-in May 6th we continue working closely with the California Energy Commission (CEC) with positive results. Perhaps the most important take-away was the reinforcement of our relationships there and solid foundation for future work.

Register Today and Be A Part of the Future of Water!

Registration for the 2015 PMI Conference The Future of Water: Wins, Woes and Worries is officially open. The annual gathering of plumbing and water sustainability professionals will be held from Oct. 26-29 at the Hotel Contessa on the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

Knee-Jerk Negative Thinking: Just Say “No” to Grumpy

A common pitfall for associations is over-promising and trying to be all things to all people. As diverse as our personalities seem, PMI staff shares a desire to serve. We are people-pleasers who hate to say “no.” But saying “no” is essential to maintaining focus, enhancing effectiveness and staying on budget. Avoiding the pitfall of the deadly “random good idea” has been the subject of this column twice in recent years.