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Knee-Jerk Negative Thinking: Just Say “No” to Grumpy

A common pitfall for associations is over-promising and trying to be all things to all people. As diverse as our personalities seem, PMI staff shares a desire to serve. We are people-pleasers who hate to say “no.” But saying “no” is essential to maintaining focus, enhancing effectiveness and staying on budget. Avoiding the pitfall of the deadly “random good idea” has been the subject of this column twice in recent years.

Biofilm and Pathogen Growth: Confronting the Challenge

As states such as California deal with severe drought conditions, an increased focus has been placed on lowering the flow rates and flush volumes of plumbing fittings (i.e. faucets, showerheads) and fixtures (i.e. water closets, urinals). Of course, manufacturers are terrific when it comes to innovating more efficient and better performing products. The concerns lie in the impact that lower flow rates and flush volumes may have on plumbing systems, and more importantly on public health and safety; specifically waterborne disease.

Give me Relevance, or Give me…

It seems as if every industry has its own special motto from “location, location, location,” to “the customer is king,” to “service with a smile.” I certainly feel an industy association’s motto serving to encapsulate the spirit behind the value offered should be “relevance is everything.” Not to confuse this with PMI’s vision statement which is “Safe, responsible plumbing. Always,” it is imperative to recognize that inherent to our value proposition is the subject of relevancy.

PMI Works for You: Here, There, and Everywhere

PMI staff and consultants draw upon relationships built over the span of our careers to provide answers to your questions. The networks we have made and nurtured, enable us to pick up the phone for instant results. While we may not have an immediate answer, we know just whom to call to get it for you.

National Conference of State Legislatures Publishes Web Content on Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

The National Conference of State Legislatures now has a web page dedicated to water-efficient plumbing fixtures, which have proved to be effective in reducing indoor water use in residences and businesses. Demonstrating the rising importance of saving water across the nation through safe and responsible plumbing, this page is a useful resource, particularly in states such as California experiencing water shortages due to drought.

Water Crisis Requires All Hands on Deck

In response to drought, aging infrastructure and other conditions threatening water supplies in California and other states, Representatives Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) and Grace Napolitano (D-Calif.) wrote an op-ed for The Hill calling for bi-partisan support to authorize the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, and to “make implementation of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act a priority.”

PMI Urges Immediate Use of EPA WaterSense Products in California

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) appreciates and applauds Governor Jerry Brown’s April 1 executive order, as the need for water savings in California has never been greater due to severe drought conditions. PMI, however, is concerned that the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) emergency regulations call for products with maximum flow rates far below approved WaterSense levels and, in the case of 1.2 gallons per minute (gpm) residential lavatory faucets, products that do not widely exist.