Who exactly is an aspiring leader? You are – as is any high-potential professional seeking opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills. PMI developed its Aspiring Leaders Program with both budding and experienced plumbing manufacturing professionals in mind. Our program will help you gain a greater awareness of how your leadership skills can impact your organization and your professional performance. The program is open to any employee of a PMI member company.

Through in-depth discussions with professional facilitators and mentors, participants discuss key issues leaders face, define their personal leadership narrative, and align their leadership values and strengths with their career goals. Through this unique program, they get the tools they need to take their careers to the next level.

Since the PMI Aspiring Leaders Program began a few years ago, each year’s edition has focused on a specific aspect of leadership or innovation. The inaugural program featured the creativity of surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The following year, PMI’s leaders met aboard the USS Midway to learn how to build, retain and lead self-directed teams that can succeed under challenging circumstances.

In 2022, program participants explored how Muhammad Ali extended his fame as an Olympic Gold Medal champion at age 18 to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and a leader of significant cultural change in America.

Information about the 2023 program, to be held on Oct. 23 in Seattle, will be available in the spring. General questions about the program can be directed to PMI Director of Programs and Administration Jodi Stuhrberg at jstuhrberg@safeplumbing.org, 847-481-5500 ext. 107.