Aspiring leaders to learn how to lead, sustain high-performing teams

Leading a high-performing team can be both rewarding and challenging. It takes the right skills, including conscious leadership, collaboration and celebration.

This year’s PMI Aspiring Leaders Program, “Developing and Leading High-Performing Teams,” will help PMI member participants to understand how to lead and sustain high-performance teams while developing the skills and confidence of each individual. To take place on Oct. 24 at the Muhammad Ali Center during the PMI22 Manufacturing Success Conference in Louisville, the program is open to any employee of a PMI member company wishing to further develop their leadership skills.

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The Muhammad Ali Center is dedicated to the life and legacy of “The Greatest.” The center tells the story of the incredible life led by this three-time heavyweight boxing champion and cultural icon. The center is organized around six core principles that Ali exemplified – confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect and spirituality. Through dramatic multimedia presentations, interactive exhibits, historical video and countless images and artifacts, program participants will learn why Ali made and left such a significant impact on our world.

Lisa Zangari of the Leadership Louisville Center will facilitate the program. “Leading a high-performing team can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career – and one of the most challenging,” Zangari stated. “You recognize a high-performing team when you see one, but what enables their success isn’t always as clear.”

Zangari will guide PMI member participants through an interactive session to learn about conscious leadership – which focuses on emotional intelligence, the power of delegation as a development tool, and leadership style preferences. A segment on collaboration will delve into role modeling and how to equip a team with problem-solving language and tools. Tips on the importance of celebration will cover how to consistently recognize and show gratitude for teams and individuals and take time to celebrate key milestones.

The Leadership Louisville Center is a national leader in civic engagement and leadership development whose purpose is to inspire and equip leaders to “be better” and “do better.” A vice president at the center, Zangari spent more than a decade as a management consultant in New York City, where she partnered closely with organizations to develop new products, launch new ventures, and nurture innovative corporate cultures. She has designed leadership programs for companies including AARP, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Citibank, Disney, Hasbro, Pfizer, Acumen Fund, Hershey Company, and more.

To learn more, contact PMI Director of Programs and Administration Jodi Stuhrberg at, 847-481-5500 ext. 107.