What does the CEO of a plumbing products manufacturer have in common with a Civil War commander?  They both seek an advantageous position, whether on a battlefield or in the marketplace.

Plumbing Manufacturers International’s inaugural CEO Thinking Forum in 2021 created the opportunity for top PMI member executives to engage in discussions about common challenges while exploring the decision making of key commanders at the Battle of Gettysburg.

The 2022 PMI CEO Thinking Forum, with the agenda and the exact date to be determined, promises to provide a similar thought-providing experience focused on leadership. “PMI has opened a door to a new way for our CEOs to engage with PMI and each other,” said PMI CEO/Executive Director Kerry Stackpole.

Designed with the specific challenges facing the plumbing manufacturing industry in mind, the forum explores leadership philosophy, vision and imagination. PMI invites the CEO of each member company to participate. Each CEO who cannot attend is asked to designate a member of their executive team to participate in their place.

Some of the “battle-ready” takeaways participants gained from the inaugural forum included the importance of leading from the front, giving clear and concise directions, building the confidence to be decisive, and trusting people to make good decisions.

The PMI CEO Thinking Forum is more than a professional development opportunity – it’s a chance to renew relationships and dialogues with peers. Learn high-level leadership lessons that will be useful and powerful in the months and years ahead.

To learn more, after the agenda and date of the 2022 event are determined, click the link below.