If you’re a CEO, president, senior executive, or business owner interested in taking a day among peers to explore fresh perspectives on leadership, strategy, and the keys to driving change, PMI’s CEO Thinking Forum is for you!

Designed with the specific challenges facing the plumbing manufacturing industry in mind, this exceptional value for PMI member company leaders provides the chance for them to learn high-level leadership lessons that will be useful and powerful in the months and years ahead, as they renew relationships and dialogues with their peers.

Previous PMI CEO Thinking Forums have featured the Battle of Gettysburg – where field commanders made life-or-death decisions amid murky, ill-defined conditions – and George Washington, who integrated strategy, leadership and management to meet daunting challenges. Each forum challenges executives to apply the lessons of history to today’s industry challenges.

The forum functions as an interactive seminar exploring leadership philosophy, vision and imagination. Participants engage in open roundtable discussions with fellow executives to explore strategies that will keep their companies and the plumbing manufacturing industry on a continual path to success. Emphasizing timeless leadership lessons, the forum also provides new insights about how to lead a productive, innovative and empowered workforce.

The date and location of the 2023 PMI CEO Thinking Forum will be announced by spring. General questions about the program can be directed to PMI Director of Programs and Administration Jodi Stuhrberg at jstuhrberg@safeplumbing.org, 847-481-5500 ext. 107.