Unintended Consequences

Sometimes, even the best intentions have unforeseen results. It is essential that the impact of decisions be fully realized to avoid unforeseen and unintended consequences. An important example today is the continual reduction of product flow rates, past the point of safety and product performance, effectiveness and safety.

PMI plays a key role as a trusted resource. We work closely with policy makers to ensure that the changes they propose and the timing of those changes are made with the full understanding of the impact on product performance and consumer safety/satisfaction.

The disaster of the ill-fated EPAct ’92 mandate hurt us all: policymakers, environmentalists, consumers and manufacturers, and gave a black eye to the “water efficiency” initiative.

Contrast that experience with the resounding success of the EPA WaterSense program of today which is the result of a healthy collaboration between policy makers and industry.

Information and collaboration are critical to avoiding unintended consequences.

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