What You Can Do to Save Water

You hold the key to saving water! Plumbing manufacturers have dedicated themselves to producing highly efficient products in a wide range of styles and prices. These products can be found in retail and wholesale showrooms across the country.

But product development is only a part of the solution. There are many components within the water delivery process responsible for ensuring that water is used in the most efficient way possible: consumer action (retrofitting inefficient products), consumer behavior (using products correctly) and supporting legislative/regulatory action including advocating for improvements to our nation’s aging infrastructure.

Did you know that the USA would save 3 billion gallons of water per day if all products were retrofitted to today’s efficiency levels?

Did you know that the USA loses 1.7 trillion gallons of treated water each year before it reaches pluming products through leaks in our nation’s aging infrastructure?

Our highly-engineered, water efficient products can’t save water until you act. Here are some examples of what you can do!