Advocacy/Government Affairs Committee

Purpose/Scope: To support and inform activities of Plumbing Manufacturers International with federal, state and local government agencies, legislators, or regulators, and to implement action with those groups as appropriate to meet PMI's public policy needs. This intent includes proactively building coalition and readiness for such matters among PMI members.

  • Co-Chair: Lowell Lampen, Kohler Co.

  • Co-Chair: Troy Benavidez, LIXIL

Allied Member Committee

Purpose/Scope: To streamline the allied member input to the PMI membership/PMI board for a more effective involvement of such member input toward the PMI objectives.

Outreach/Communications Committee

The purpose of the PMI Outreach and Communications Committee is to promote the mission of PMI, enhance its value and credibility, attract new members, expand member services, and address member concerns, should they arise, in harmony with the PMI communications and advocacy strategies. The committee’s scope is ongoing outreach to external audiences including PMI members, policymakers, water utilities, prospective members, members of the media, and others per the PMI Strategy Map.

Technical Committee

Purpose/Scope: To proactively identify, monitor, influence and be the authoritative source for all information on issues related to plumbing industry products including, but not limited to, potable water supply system components, fixture fittings, waste fixture fittings, fixtures, flushing devices, materials, sanitary drainage system components, and plumbing appliances. Participate and support the development of laws, regulations, codes and standards with reasonable performance, product, installation, and safety requirements that protect the health and safety of the user. Engage in the development process to ensure regulatory and/or standard language is commensurate with the intent(s) and limitation(s) of laws, regulations, codes and standards. Focus domestically and internationally on the harmonization of laws, regulations, codes and standards to drive a product conformity assessment goal for plumbing products of "tested once, recognition worldwide."

  • Co-Chair: Ned Dickey, Hansgrohe
  • Co-Chair: C.J. Lagan, LIXIL

Commerce Committee

Purpose: To develop and maintain a close relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce that will allow PMI’s voice to be heard on issues affecting PMI’s member companies. Post monthly reports regarding issues / policies that affect PMI members. Make information and reports generated by the Department of Commerce available to members that PMI members could benefit from. Provide education to PMI members about the Department of Commerce and the scope of its operations.

Scope: New list of scope of issues/value points for the committee to address:

  • Rules of origin
  • Conflict minerals
  • Made in America
  • Shipment issues
  • Non-tariff trade barriers
  • Opening markets
  • Department of Commerce FAQs
  • When and who to contact
  • Trade policy
  • Top market report
  • Harmonization of world standards and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  • Antidumping
  • Statistics generated by the Department of Commerce
  • Administration policies
  • Co-Chair: Elton Perkins, Fluidmaster, Inc.

  • Co-Chair: Liz Renfro, Delta Faucet Company

Water Efficiency and Sustainability Committee

Purpose/Scope: Develop and implement strategy to influence public policy, legislation, regulation, certification, listing, and labeling related to the sustainability and water efficiency of plumbing products.

  • Co-Chair: Cambria McLeod, Kohler Co.

  • Co-Chair: Will Wang, Fluidmaster, Inc.