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Safe, responsible plumbing – always – is the vision of Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI), the voluntary, not-for-profit association of plumbing product manufacturers. Producing 90% of the United States’ plumbing products and representing more than 150 iconic brands, PMI’s members are industry leaders in manufacturing safe, reliable and innovative water-efficient plumbing technologies, including toilets, urinals, faucets and showerheads. PMI members contribute more than 464,000 jobs and $85.5 billion in economic impact to America's economy.

Manufactured at more than 70 locations across the country, PMI member products are sold internationally online and in more than 24,000 home improvement stores, hardware stores and showrooms in all 50 states. PMI advocates for plumbing product performance and innovation contributing to water efficiency and savings, sustainability, public health and safety, consumer satisfaction, and a clean environment through its Rethink Water initiative and other programs. PMI provides a forum for industry education, serves as a resource for the collection and exchange of information, and works to enhance the plumbing industry’s growth and expansion.

CEO and Executive Director

Kerry Stackpole

Board of Directors President

Chip Way, Lavelle Industries

Media Contact

Ray Valek,, 708-352-8695

Subject Matter Expertise of PMI Members and Allies

Water-efficient plumbing products, WaterSense products, lead-free plumbing products, Lead and Copper Rule, legacy product replacement, tariffs, safe plumbing, safe drinking water, saving water, public health and safety, Legionella and other waterborne pathogens, product labels and markings, plumbing codes and standards, flow rates, workplace development, and more.

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