Plumbing fixtures and fittings manufacturers create good paying jobs in communities throughout the United States. Plumbing manufacturers have a direct economic impact of $47.7 billion to American society and provide 208,283 jobs and $13.2 billion in wages, according to the Plumbing Manufacturing Industry Economic Impact Study.

After adding the impacts of suppliers and household spending by employees of the industry and its suppliers, the total economic impact of the plumbing manufacturing industry increases to $116.7 billion – about four-tenths of 1% of America’s gross domestic product, This total impact accounts for 517,696 jobs, $35.3 billion in wages, and $15 billion in tax revenue.

Reports can be generated showing the number of jobs and wages created by the industry, as well as other related economic data. Using the menu below, reports can be tailored to show national data or data by state, congressional district, state house district, or state senate district. You can use these reports to communicate our industry’s economic contributions to elected officials, policymakers, regulators and others to inform their perspective on the value of manufacturers delivering safe, responsible plumbing.

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