Reducing Maintenance, Enhancing Sanitation

New anti-microbial advancements in plumbing products contribute to safe sanitation, while delivering the hard-to-resist benefit of making it easier to clean the bathroom.

Available for toilets, bathroom faucets, drinking fountains and whirlpool piping systems, anti-microbial properties add different benefits, depending on the fixture or fitting. Permanent glazes fired into the surfaces of toilets improve bowl cleansing and waste-removal with less water, while making it harder for grime and bacteria to adhere to the surfaces. On faucets, drinking fountains and in whirlpool systems, such technologies work on the drops of water that remain in the products after use to reduce scale buildup and ease routine maintenance.

“Hands-free” valves for plumbing fixtures and fittings enable them to be operated without being touched. Also known as proximity valves, they are similar to auto-open doors, using light sensors that are activated by movement to flush toilets and urinals and to operate faucets. Newer advancements in sensor sensitivities that take into account the reflective surfaces of bathrooms improve operability. Hands-free valves deliver the benefits of being both barrier-free and sanitary to use.