The advocacy work Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) does on behalf of its members is an important part of the PMI value proposition. Working with PMI members represented on its Advocacy/Government Affairs Committee and with industry allies and coalitions, PMI has a successful track record representing the plumbing manufacturing industry to elected officials, regulators and codes and standards bodies. Among the contributions the industry makes to society are high-performing plumbing products that save water, codes and standards that protect the public’s health and safety, and economic growth and expansion.

PMI’s successful approach to advocacy lies in strength in numbers – its many members and allies working together toward a common goal for the greater good. PMI works to build and leverage relationships throughout the industry and beyond, having earned a solid reputation among decision makers along the way.

Each year, PMI organizes the Legislative Forum and Fly In in Sacramento, Calif. and in Washington, D.C. These events provide PMI members with opportunities to meet with and express their views and concerns to key legislators and regulators. In addition, throughout the year, PMI members strategize and conduct information exchange sessions via frequent conference calls, face-to-face meetings, and the annual PMI Manufacturing Success Conference.

PMI’s work has resulted in the increased use of water-efficient plumbing products, consumer choice and value in a fair and open marketplace, and sound environmental and public health policies. PMI members have contributed to the development of lead-free plumbing products, led educational efforts about the risk of Legionella, and organized relief efforts to aid communities stricken by catastrophe. PMI members participate in free international commerce, have designed accessibility features for people with disabilities, and have reduced the required maintenance of plumbing products while enhancing sanitation.

With an eye toward the future, PMI has become involved in efforts to revitalize America’s aging underground water infrastructure and to attract youth and diversity into the plumbing manufacturing industry, where exciting career paths await those with virtually any kind of educational background or trade expertise.