PCR Guidance Documents

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI), in collaboration with its members, has issued the PCR Guidance Documents listed below. The guidance documents were developed to help program operators apply consistent rules and calculations when developing PCRs for these fixtures, and has been distributed to them for their use.

“The PCR Guidance Document enables customers of PMI members to use environmental product declarations to compare products and manufacturers,” said PMI Technical Director Matt Sigler. “Without PCRs, such a comparison of products would be impossible. Our industry is in the best position to define the parameters for product transparency.”

These documents have been created by PMI’s Sustainability Task Group, and approved by PMI’s Board of Directors. Comprised of PMI manufacturing members, the task group is part of PMI’s Water Efficiency and Sustainability Committee. The purpose and scope of this committee is to develop and implement strategy to influence public policy, legislation, regulation, certification, listing, and labeling related to the sustainability and water efficiency of plumbing products. The task group plans to develop additional guidance documents for other plumbing products.