Rethink Water Initiative Principles of Action

Plumbing Manufacturers International’s Rethink Water initiative commits your association to an effort to ensure future generations have reliable access to clean and safe water. Rethink Water will address the effects of climate change and crumbling water infrastructure by building a coalition sharing a vision of sustainably managed water.

  • I will support PMI’s efforts to strengthen the plumbing manufacturing industry’s ability to Rethink Water by accelerating product and service innovation, thereby creating new business opportunities and growth into new markets.
  • I will help PMI set the standard of industry leadership in response to water shortages.
  • I will support PMI’s commitment to helping the public obtain the resources they need (infrastructure, plumbing, fixtures, fittings) to achieve water sustainability and security.
  • I will help PMI proactively encourage lawmakers to take meaningful bipartisan action to address the water crisis.
  • I am committed to supporting PMI’s Rethink Water initiative. Tell me how I can help! Please add my name to the priority list for action updates and notifications about events and activities.