Fair Trade

Revised November 2011, Reaffirmed August 2017

The plumbing manufacturing industry is seeking to create equality within the domestic and the worldwide marketplaces. In the domestic market, it has become increasingly difficult for U.S. plumbing manufacturers to remain competitive with foreign manufacturers who have the advantage of subsidies at home, an open U.S. market, and trade advantages like those extended under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). In the international marketplace, Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is faced with market access trade barriers on several levels including economic and technical.

While PMI enthusiastically endorses the concept of free and fair competition, we believe measures are long overdue that would maximize market openness for US manufacturers in the international marketplace and preserve and enhance the industry's position in the domestic marketplace.

In that regard, PMI urges:


  • Enforcement of U.S. trade law country of origin markings
  • Enforcement at the border of U.S. regulations for plumbing products
  • Provisions in every trade agreement to protect intellectual property rights
  • An increase in budget authority for customs agents and import specialists
  • Strong action against nations who abuse the privilege of GSP status
  • Modification of U.S. trade laws to include indirect subsidies (upstream subsidies or downstream dumping) as unfair trade practices


  • Mutual recognition agreements calling for one-time product testing and certification in the country of origin only
  • Harmonization of standards
  • Elimination of arbitrary import restrictions
  • Provisions in every trade agreement to protect intellectual property rights
  • Provisions for dispute settlements