Quarterly Report - 1st Qtr 2013


Following the inaugural CEO Forum, February 5, 2013, attended by 11 of the 22 interested CEO’s, it was determined that PMI will issue quarterly reports to CEOs highlighting completed and on-going projects. What follows here is the first of these reports. In addition, the group agreed that the CEO Forum should be an annual event. Other outcomes CEO Forum include:

  • Agreement on the importance and power of leveraging PMI’s collective influence.
  • Re-focus of PMI’s advocacy initiatives to highlight the need for improvements to the USA’s aging infrastructure.
  • Revitalization of the Strategic Advisory Council to supplement Board efforts in the development and execution of PMI’s strategic plan.
  • Development of a scorecard to highlight and encourage legislative work, plant visits by legislators and Hill visits by PMI member company CEOs.
  • Review and revision of the PMI dues structure for 2014.


  • Developed and launched Policy Makers page on PMI’s www.safeplumbing website, which features interactive map of PMI member manufacturing sites by legislative district.
  • Launched a Social Media campaign including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote both of PMI’s websites and to encourage interaction from industry professionals.
  • Identified key opportunities for articles, to be developed by PMI, that focus on PMI’s hot topics to be run in upcoming issues of the Reeves Journal, PM Engineer, Contractor Magazine, the National Association of Plumbing Showroom Professionals Newsletter
  • Currently vetting a Myth Busters document for Legionella written in a Question and Answer format to be posted to PMI social sites and the Safe Plumbing website, as well as featured in an article by PM Engineer.
  • Conducted a survey of PMI’s two newsletters, resulting in a revised distribution schedule and structure, as well as a renaming of both issues. Considering a further revision to the current electronic distribution.
  • Researched new channels for information sharing, including mobile apps and webinars.


  • Joint effort with Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) to work to reversing the ban on pressure balancing valves by the Quebec Plumbing Board. (Results TBD).
  • Completed the revision to the codes and standards presentation on green codes, standards and regulations for the Spring PMI Conference.
  • Acceptance of proposal for center flush by the Accessibility Standards Committee
  • New, cost effective screen sharing program adds video component to the weekly Tech Talk conference calls to improve effectiveness and participation.
  • Comments submitted for the UPC and IRC code revisions.
  • Responses to the California Regulations on accessibility and support for the City of LA Department of Building Services to minimize building commissioning delays due to certification markings.
  • Responded to the California Safer Consumer Product regulations, incorporating the input from the Green Chemistry Alliance into our comments.
  • Responded to several state legislations (MA[2], OR, WA) on water efficiency proposals.

Industry Coalitions:

  • GTLOP: PMI played a critical role in the launch the Get The Lead Out of Plumbing training course to ensure compliance through understanding. PMI provides important oversight to program content and legal parameters.
  • PERC: Played a key role in creating and launching the Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition (PERC) website
  • ETS: Working to define and organize the 2014 Emerging Technologies Symposium as a co-sponsor.
  • WPC: PMI attended the World Plumbing Council meeting during ISH Frankfurt. Among the initiatives is to strengthen ties between plumbing and health (through the World Health Organization).

Additional Notes:

Conference Pattern: A task group is looking at alternatives to PMI’s traditional semi-annual conference pattern. Minor tweaks are expected as soon as Fall 2013, with more comprehensive changes due in 2014.

Staff: In January, PMI replaced a departing staff member by adding a full-time Communications Manager and a part-time Administrative Assistant, providing alignment of staff functions with the strategy map developed in June 2012 with input from CEO interviews. Both individuals have hit the ground running and are adding great value to the team and the mission.

ESC Consultants: Continue to work with the Board to enhance their productivity and communication with the Board of Directors.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara C. Higgens

PMI Executive Director