Quarterly Report - 2nd Qtr 2015

  • Engaging PMI executives in legislative/regulatory issues: Hosted inaugural PMI California Legislative Fly-in (May 6) with PMI executives, staff and Home Depot representatives meeting with the Governor’s Office, state policymakers and the California Energy Commission (CEC).
  • Developing and strengthening allies: PMI’s continued participation with CEC rulemaking have solidified a working relationship with The Home Depot and a developing relationship with Lowe’s.
  • Enhancing our industry visibility as an authoritative voice: PMI’s Higgens was a featured speaker at an EPA webinar on the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water, and a meeting of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE).
  • Leveraging coalitions and communications: During Water Week, PMI hosted a Congressional Briefing in D.C. (April 13) in conjunction with the Plumbing Industry Leadership Group (PILC); PMI’s Higgens presented PMI’s mission and message at the briefing together with AWE, ICC, IAPMO and PHCC. President Fernandez also attended.
  • Enhancing our global presence: PMI’s Higgens presented at the CEIR European Valve Conference on water efficiency and emerging issues. Higgens joined President Fernandez at the CIPH Conference in Canada, strengthening the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
  • Success in the technical arena: IPC Code Hearings, 19 out 22 items that PMI spoke in opposition to were rejected by the Technical Committee (86% success rate).
  • Measuring member satisfaction: Instituted new PMI Member Satisfaction Score Card system to track member satisfaction and engagement with local, state and federal policymakers on drought and other issues.
  • Information-packed conference: Plans are well underway for 2015 PMI Conference on “The Future of Water: Wins, Woes and Worries;” began marketing conference to potential attendees and sponsors.
  • Getting the word out:
    • Issued two press releases advocating for WaterSense and rebate programs in California. Together, the releases gained 7,800 views and resulted in 58 website hits.
    • Expanded media and press contacts, appeared in more than 13 online and print articles.
    • Increased PMI newsletter readership by 19.37% putting us in the top tier for readership.
    • Audio summaries of lobbyist updates posted on private YouTube channel for members.
    • Developed script and storyboard for an animated video about PMI featuring Bill Kurtis as spokesperson. Bill Kurtis has recorded the audio and the animation is currently in progress.
    • Began a campaign of sending letters to the mayors and governors of drought-stricken municipalities and states encouraging them to create awareness of and rebates programs for WaterSense products.
  • PMI governance: PMI’s Board completed a comprehensive overhaul of association policies.

Upcoming Events

  • PMI Board of Directors (BoD) and Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) strategy session at PMI headquarters on July 29, followed by a BoD only meeting on July 30
  • PMI CEO/Executive Fly-in: D.C. September 15-16
  • PMI Annual Conference: October 26-29, set agenda and speakers

Respectfully submitted, Barbara C. Higgens, PMI CEO/Executive Director