Quarterly Report - 3rd Qtr 2015

  • Engaging PMI executives in legislative/regulatory issues: Hosted annual PMI Executive Fly-in (September 15-16) with 11 PMI member company executives, 1 prospective member executive, staff and Congressional and governmental officials and consultants.
  • WaterSense study shows much work to be done: The WaterSense Market Penetration Study with state-by-state data was released. It was commissioned by PMI and conducted by GMP Research.
  • Developing and strengthening allies: PMI’s continued participation and developed bonds with several organizations, including face-to-face meetings with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Apartment Association, Ripon Society, and began pursuing membership opportunities with the U.S. Water Alliance.
  • Strengthening bonds with new and prospective members: PMI welcomed back manufacturing member, Viega LLC, and conducted six on-site visits to other member locations.
  • Enhancing our visibility as an authoritative voice: PMI released a video telling how PMI members’ products save water while meeting high safety and performance standards. The video was narrated by Bill Kurtis, famed TV and radio personality.
  • Showing legislative support: PMI issued a statement in support of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on their bipartisan WaterSense authorization amendment within H.R. 8 – the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act.
  • Success in the technical arena:
    • With PMI’s involvement, the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved modifications to their appliance efficiency regulations for residential lavatory faucets and showerheads that included provisions for sell-through of existing products.
    • Nine out of ten code proposals (90% success rate) were voted on by ICC membership in favor of PMI’s positions at the International Plumbing Code Hearings.
  • Measuring member satisfaction: Conducted a Member Satisfaction Survey. Feedback helps PMI continue to enhance member value and deliver the support, information and contacts members need.
  • Information-packed conference: 2015 PMI Conference hosts 10 Exhibiting Sponsors, 6 Event Sponsors, 120 participants including 5 prospective member companies.
  • Getting the word out:
    • Issued 7 press releases advocating for WaterSense and rebate programs, citing the PMI commissioned study and other PMI initiatives; resulting in 15,000+ wire hits, 100+ website visits, and several original news stories citing PMI including Arizona Republic and LA Times..
    • Audio summaries of lobbyist updates posted on private YouTube channel for members.
    • PMI’s letter campaign continues to governors of drought-stricken states, encouraging them to create awareness of and rebates programs for WaterSense products.
  • PMI governance: Appointed new 2016 SAC members and committee co-chairs. Issued the proposed 2016 Board slate, dues levels, and bylaws for approval during the General Member meeting at the 2015 PMI Conference.

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Respectfully submitted, Barbara C. Higgens, PMI CEO/Executive Director