Quarterly Report - 3rd Qtr 2016


  • The PMI Board of Directors and Strategic Advisory Council met during July to redefine the purpose and scope of PMI’s Strategy Map, looking to better document and quantify the value PMI offers via three pillars of equal weight: technical, advocacy/government affairs, and outreach/communication. Participants completed a SWOT analysis identifying PMI strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats across the entire map. PMI’s core values, priorities, audiences, leadership and financial resources were also considered. Tom Morrison, author of How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg for More, facilitated a brainstorming session on how to “Uber-proof” PMI from upcoming trends and potential competitors.


  • PMI submitted concerns about building standards related to California’s AB 2282 recycled water legislation at a stakeholder meeting on Aug. 30 and in follow-up communication with the California Building Standards Commission. The concerns relate to potential unintended public health consequences of the use of non-potable water indoors, as well as to the potential impact non-potable water may have on plumbing product performance.
  • The PMI Codes & Standards Workshop was conducted on August 9 & 10, drawing the attendance of 35 professionals who reviewed a brief history and summary of the roles of codes and standards, an industry acronym guide, a report on significant code changes, and more.
  • In collaboration with PMI, Denver Water developed an FAQ document for Colorado SB-103, which requires tank-type toilets, flushing urinals, showerheads and lavatory faucets sold in the state for private use to have the WaterSense label.
  • PMI submitted comments to CONAGUA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in regards to the proposed Mexico Standard for Faucets, Fittings and Valves (PROY-NOM-012-CONAGUA-2015).
  • PMI Technical Director Matt Sigler attended the Canadian Plumbing Industry Advisory Council Meetings in Ottawa, Canada.


  • PMI Advocacy/Government Affairs worked with PMI Technical and Outreach/Communication to advocate for California recycled water quality standards that protect member products and the public as the state considers regulations to require new residential and commercial systems to have recycled water systems beginning in 2018.
  • PMI is informing members of changes they should consider making to the content of their Prop 65 warnings in advance of a 2018 effective date. Several revisions have been accomplished prior to adoption.
  • Legislation has proceeded to the Governor that would require public water systems to compile inventories of known lead user service lines and provide timelines for replacement.
  • Legislation did not move forward to:
    • Require the replacement of out-of-date plumbing fixtures or fittings in commercial real property.
    • Require building standards for the construction, installation, and alteration of dark graywater systems.
    • Provide for new single-family residential dwelling units to include a segregated building drain for lavatories, showers, and bathtubs to allow for future installation of a distributed graywater system.
    • Require state agencies to provide the legislature with recommendations to public entities to help them achieve water-resilient communities and prioritize cost-effective water efficiency measures.
    • Allow local governments to finance water conservation improvements paid for by charges collected through water bills.


  • The FTC issued an official proposed rule regarding removing an outdated labeling requirement for plumbing products, in agreement with PMI comments submitted in 2015 in response to an advanced proposed rulemaking notice.
  • PMI worked with a law firm to host a July webinar for PMI membership on the impact on manufacturers of the new TSCA reform law, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, signed into law on June 22, 2016.
  • S. Rep. Bob Latta of Ohio, one of PMI’s House WaterSense authorization champions, spoke out on the benefits of WaterSense during the first formal energy bill conference committee meeting between the House and Senate on Sept. 8. PMI continues to work behind the scenes to ensure authorization language remains intact.
  • WaterSense authorization is included in the Senate Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) – S.2848. On Sept. 15, the U.S. Senate passed sweeping bipartisan legislation addressing the nation's water infrastructure, including authorization for the U.S. EPA's WaterSense program. PMI has been a lead advocate working closely for years on the WaterSense authorization provision with key members of Congress, including Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). The bill aims to increase water supply and improve crumbling drinking water and wastewater systems by authorizing more than $6 billion for programs under the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act, including a $220 million aid package to address drinking water crises in communities such as Flint. The measure will need to be reconciled with the House WRDA bill – H.R.5303 – during Congress’s lame duck session after the November elections.


  • PMI had a welcome/orientation lunch with the American Supply Association’s executive director and new technical director.
  • Barbara C. Higgens took advantage of these networking opportunities:
    • Visited seven PMI members, including new members Globe Union and Reliance Worldwide
    • Attended the AWWA Conference in Chicago. She also met with AWWA CEO David La France and other AWWA leaders to discuss national water infrastructural challenges and partnering opportunities
    • Met with Denver Water staff to provide an update and to leverage and strengthen ties between the two organizations.
    • Launched a planning session for the 2017 Crystal Vision event, as chair of the organization’s 2016 executive committee. The event recognizes manufacturers and builders who have generously donated building materials to the World Vision Storehouse, which distributes them to low-income communities in need


  • Registration for the PMI Annual Conference opened, with attendance expected to be strong. The conference program will feature experts on major issues affecting plumbing and water professionals

PMI Visibility

  • PMI launched the new PMI logo store featuring clothing, cups, golf umbrellas, water bottles and other items bearing the PMI logo.
  • PMI launched a new advertising program providing members and other organizations visibility on safeplumbing.org, Ripple Effect and Inside MY PMI.


  • PMI recruited speakers for and promoted Aug. 10 media and members event introducing PMI’s position paper and infographic about the need for a restored national underground water infrastructure. A full room of more than 25 individuals attended the event held at PMI headquarters
  • PMI distributed a news release about the Aug. 10 event that achieved 8,912 Business Wire views, 149 online postings, 64 PMI website link clicks, 25 social media mentions and 1,084 infographic views in a 30-day period. On the PMI website, the release was viewed 70 times and the position paper 71 times. The event was covered by Supply House Times, Contractor, Wholesaler News, Cole Publishing (Plumber), Mechanical Hub, PHC News, Plumbing Engineer, Plumbing and Mechanical, TMB Publishing, Water and Wastes Digest, and Water Quality Products/Storm Water Solutions.
  • PMI implemented Google surveys on infrastructure and water efficiency and drafted summaries and news releases of results showing concern about drinking water safety and a lack of awareness of WaterSense products. The release about infrastructure received 5,487 Business Wire views, 64 link clicks and 27 social media mentions in one week. The release about water efficiency received 5,763 Business Wire views, 46 link clicks and 50 social media mentions in one week. The water efficiency release was picked up by Contractor, PHC News, Entelligent, the City of Tuscon website, and other outlets.
  • The Underground Contractors Association of Illinois contacted PMI for permission to distribute PMI materials about the need to restore the nation’s underground water infrastructure. The association plans to distribute PMI’s water infrastructure position statementand infographic, as well as a news release about PMI’s Google survey about water infrastructure, to elected officials at an October event.
  • PMI drafted talking points relating to the recycled water issue in California; also drafted letter and sent to the editor of the Sacramento Bee, as well as a letter to the editor template for PMI members to use.
  • PMI distributed a news release about the passage of the S.2848 water bill in the U.S. Senate. This release received 3,683 Business Wire views, 33 link clicks and 16 social media mentions.
  • PMI issued a news release about the transition of long-term CEO/Executive Director Barbara C. Higgens. The release gained 206 social media mentions and coverage by the Daily Herald, Contractor, Wholesaler, PHC News and other media.


October 24-27: PMI 2016 Conference
The Westin O’Hare, Rosemont, Ill.