PMI19 Conference


November 4th, 2019–November 7th, 2019


The Don CeSar Hotel, St. Pete Beach, Florida


The Top Reasons YOU Should Attend the PMI19 Conference

  • Achieve Manufacturing Success. Attending PMI19 will help you achieve personal success while contributing to the manufacturing success of your organization and industry. PMI's unique conference provides opportunities for you to meet individuals with both common and complementary interests. The contacts you make during receptions, meals and special events will extend your network and influence within your organization and beyond.
  • Sharpen Your Skills at Our New Aspiring Leaders' Program. Within an environment dedicated to the work of the highly imaginative artist Salvador Dali, PMI's one-of-a-kind, innovation-training experience will offer an ideal setting for PMI's top talent to tap into their personal creativity and innovation potential. PMI members can nominate high-potential employees for this leadership gathering.
  • Expand Your Technical Expertise. Leading technical experts including Patrick Gurian, Ph.D., Gary Klein and Andrew Whelton, Ph.D., will expand your technical expertise by summarizing the latest industry research on potentially hazardous microbes and chemicals, water quality in buildings, hot water delivery, and much more.
  • Benefit from PMI's Market Outlook. Economist Alex Chausovski will illuminate the latest industry economic trends for you by translating data into projections for the coming year to help you and your company get a jump on what's to come.
  • Enjoy The Don CeSar and St. Pete Beach. A great hotel in a lovely resort city on the Gulf of Mexico with nearby airport access will make your travels productive, easy and very enjoyable.
  • Reduce the Use of Single-Use Plastics. A session about sustainable packaging will explore how your company can reduce the use of single-use plastics in your product packaging in favor of more recyclable options.
  • Engage in Advocacy/Government Affairs. California and Washington, D.C., remain the hotbeds of legislative and regulatory activity pertaining to issues including lead in water, the WaterSense program, consumer data protection, water reuse and more. You will hear the latest insights from PMI's advocates and experts to inform your decision-making.
  • Hear Multigenerational Workplace Expert Lindsey Pollak. After leading a workshop during the Aspiring Leaders Program, New York Times bestselling author Lindsey Pollak will open the conference with a presentation titled "The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace" – a reflection of her book of the same title. Pollak is a leading expert on millennials and the multigenerational workplace and will provide you with useful tips on how manage the expectations of these talented workers.
  • Gain Insights on Tariffs and Trade. With tariffs and other trade issues looming as industry challenges, PMI19 Conference speakers will provide you with the insights behind the daily headlines.
  • Collaborate with Conference Emcee Joel Zeff. Joel's central message – that organizations and individuals should celebrate everyday successes – increases collaboration, productivity, passion and innovation. He will take a humorous approach to help you adopt new perspectives and reach professional success. Download his keynote presentation for a preview.
  • Listen to a Discussion About Human Resources and Workforce Development. As the plumbing manufacturing industry searches for employees having the right aptitude and fit for the future, a panel of human resources experts will discuss how their workforces are adapting to an ever-changing manufacturing environment requiring new sets of technical and leadership skills.

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