PMI21 Manufacturing Success Conference


November 15th, 2021–November 18th, 2021


Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, Calif.


Ready for an in-person reunion with your PMI friends and colleagues while elevating your professional skills and enjoying an exciting line-up of speakers in a beautiful setting? Then it’s time to register for the PMI21 Manufacturing Success Conference to take place at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, Nov. 15-18. Add your participation in the PMI Aspiring Leaders Program and save $900!

Learn how smart companies are rethinking DE&I during Nov. 16 keynote presentation

Deborah Shaw photo

Opening the PMI21 Manufacturing Success Conference with a keynote address, leadership advisor and strategist Deborah Rosado Shaw will challenge attendees to transform their workplace cultures through better diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). “The smartest companies in the world that are really rethinking this (DE&I) space and have a lot at stake for getting this right, think about it like gravity, like a natural force. You don’t negotiate with gravity; you don’t have to like gravity. Gravity IS,” Shaw states.

Her presentation will explain why cultural change is required to meet the unprecedented demographic changes occurring right now in the business world. These changes will open doors of opportunity for those traditionally overlooked within organizations, as well as for those with the leadership skills to deliver high performance through diverse and inclusive teams.

Shaw will address the internal and external hurdles to achieving DE&I, including performance-inhibiting beliefs such as fear, age, education, and feeling that you’re not smart enough. “It’s not about an initiative out there (outside of your influence) – it’s about you personally – who am I going to be in this matter, what am I going to bring to the table? How I am going to use my voice, my specific human experience?”

Hear a science journalist explain why toilets hold much power to help solve world problems

Chelsea Wald photoStreamed live from the Netherlands, Chelsea Wald, author of “Pipe Dreams: The Urgent Global Quest to Transform the Toilet,” will explain why the toilet holds the power to help solve many of the world’s problems, if only we can harness it. Recently interviewed on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air, the award-winning science journalist will discuss how a potential revolution in sanitation can reduce inequalities, mitigate climate change, improve agriculture, and optimize health while making toilets accessible and healthier for all.

A favorite emcee returns to share practical advice on recruiting and keeping great people

Ted Ma photoHaving made his PMI debut last year as the host of PMI20’s virtual happy hour, Ted Ma will return this year to present the Nov. 17 keynote and serve as the PMI21 emcee. Using data gained from a survey of 1,000-plus U.S. employees, Ma will address how building a culture of mentorship will help your organization to attract, develop and retain great people. Describing himself as an “elder Millennial,” Ma will present practical advice that bridges youth and experience. His engaging style will inject fun and confidence into your outlook!

Economist to deliver construction sector forecasts with authority and humor

Few young economists present their insights with the authority, accuracy and humor that ITR Economics’ Connor Lokar brings to the stage. Highlighting the construction sector, he will bring forecasts developed from ITR’s industry-leading accuracy to help your organization gain revenue and remain profitable through ever-changing business cycles.

Don’t miss strong technical program, legislative updates and fun events

PMI21 will have a strong technical program as usual, with presentations on “Premise Plumbing Issues” from Dr. Juneseok Lee, associate professor, civil & environmental engineering, Manhattan College; "New Studies on Building Water Systems," from Dr. Andrew Whelton, associate professor of civil engineering and environmental and ecological engineering at Purdue University; and “Legionella: Assessing Risk from Legionella and Waterborne Pathogens in Building Water Systems: What’s New?” from Tim Keane, Legionella Risk Management, Inc.

Other speakers will address topics including legislative and regulatory updates, the plumbing Internet of Things, trade, single-use plastics, water-efficiency during growth and drought, global supply chain risk management, and consumer data protection requirements. See our full agenda.

PMI-hosted events will include a mini-golf tournament with prizes, PMI Dinner, 67th Annual Meeting of the Membership, and various resort style lunches and receptions. These activities provide prime opportunities for forging and renewing professional relationships and for recognizing outstanding contributions to PMI.

Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities

Would you like to shine a spotlight on your company while gaining access to an influential group of industry leaders from the top plumbing manufacturers? Consider sponsoring PMI21! Check out our various sponsorship options and see which organizations have already committed to a sponsorship. Thanks to all our sponsors!

Explore resort’s tropical setting

Sitting on 44 acres of beachfront, Paradise Point Resort will provide PMI members with a lush, tropical setting as they interact and expand their professional skills. In between and after sessions, conference goers can explore the resort’s outdoor spaces, colorful gardens and lagoons, and enjoy the scenic view of Mission Bay. Renovation and expansion have continued with the addition of two restaurants overlooking Mission Bay, 462 bungalow-style rooms, five lit tennis courts, and five swimming pools. PMI21 participants can take advantage of the onsite luxury salon and spa, state-of-the-art fitness center, and 14 bonfire pits.

Learn more and register for PMI21 today, with the option of joining the Nov. 15 Aspiring Leaders Program.

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