PMI Manufacturing Success Conference

NOVEMBER 10 – 12, 2020

Moving from San Diego to a Screen Near You

Reasons to Attend the Virtual PMI20 Manufacturing Success Conference

Convenience and safety. PMI20 will be as close as your computer or tablet screen. There is no need to travel outside of your office to be engaged and enlightened about industry issues and trends.

Keep your work and life on schedule. From Nov. 10-12, you can participate in PMI20’s exciting professional development opportunities for just a few hours a day while staying on top of your work/life responsibilities.

Virtual virtuosity – attention-getting presentations from top-shelf speakers. PMI20’s concise presentations will be designed to gain and sustain your attention. The latest virtual technology will deliver visual interest and opportunities to engage in real time with speakers and fellow members.

Member-focused content you can immediately put into practice. In consideration of your time, PMI20 presentations will give you practical information you can apply to meet urgent business challenges and opportunities.

Innovative networking opportunities. PMI20 will be remote physically but not in spirit. The camaraderie you’ve come to expect from PMI gatherings will be fostered through fun activities that will boost the building of relationships and the exchange of useful information.