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Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) represents companies that make water closets, fixtures, tattings, fixture fittings, urinals, sinks, showerheads, faucets and other plumbing products meeting high safety and performance standards. PMI members represent 90% of the nation’s market share of plumbing products. Members provide testimonials about the value of PMI membership in the videos below.

Participation in PMI affords members the opportunity to work with other manufacturers and allied members and partners to effect positive changes in the industry.

PMI’s Three Core Values: Technical Expertise, Advocacy and Outreach

PMI’s core member values of technical expertise, advocacy and outreach are often referred to by PMI members as the “three legs of the stool” upon which the organization stands. PMI has traditionally provided strong technical expertise and leadership to the plumbing manufacturing industry through its members’ dedication, participation and focus. PMI’s advocacy efforts enable members to express their points of view on legislative and regulatory matters, as well as on plumbing and building codes and standards. PMI’s outreach actively positions PMI and its Safe Plumbing brand as advocates for water efficiency, safe plumbing and water, and a restored national water infrastructure.

PMI provides its members value by providing forums for education and information exchange, including the annual PMI Conference. PMI provides early warning notice on critical issues and has built strategic alliances with counterpart organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Members work together to promote water efficiency, public health, safety, quality and the environmental sustainability of plumbing products while maximizing consumer choice and value in a fair and open marketplace. PMI’s work enhances the plumbing industry’s growth and expansion.

Eligible prospective members may attend a maximum of two PMI annual meetings as a non-member (some restrictions apply). It’s a great way to see first hand the value of membership and to determine if PMI is right for you!

Attention Certifiers, Suppliers and Vendors!

The Allied Member category of membership is open to accredited certifiers, qualified to certify products to plumbing codes and consensus standards; suppliers who provide raw materials and sublet processing, e.g., brass suppliers, steel suppliers, plating services to the plumbing industry; and vendors who provide statistical information or marketing data to the plumbing industry.

PMI Value Playlist (10 videos)