PMI23 Manufacturing Success Conference


October 23rd, 2023–October 26th, 2023


Lotte Hotel, Seattle, Wash.


Set Your Sights on PMI23 in Seattle

The PMI23 Manufacturing Success Conference, Oct. 23-26, at the Lotte Hotel in Seattle will feature keynote speaker Dr. Moogega Cooper, presentations about the industry’s critical issues, and enjoyable networking within an elegant location in the heart of the city.

Hear from the engineer behind NASA’s Mars mission

The trailblazing engineer behind the famed Mars Rover “Perseverance” Mission for NASA, Dr. Cooper continues to study the conditions on Mars to discern whether humans might be able to live on the red planet one day.

Having earned a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and mechanics, she will share her life story and passion for science at PMI23. Her keynote presentation, “Limitless,” will aim to inspire plumbing manufacturers and others to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. Dr. Cooper will share leadership lessons learned from her journey to the top of a male-dominated field, insights on how perseverance pays off, and how diversity makes her NASA team even greater.

Arrive a little early, attend PMI Inspiring Leaders Program 

The PMI Inspiring Leaders Program is a special event taking place on the first day of the annual PMI Manufacturing Success Conference. Open to all employees of PMI member companies, this program will take place at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, an exciting backdrop for a program designed to cultivate the creative skills we all have to become better leaders, innovators and teammates.

To be facilitated by Nicole Bianchi, this year’s program, “Leading with Clarity and Tough Conversations,” explores being intentional as leaders and clear on leadership philosophy, setting expectations, building relationships, and having conversations that matter. The author of “The Five Tough Talks: How to Lead Brave Conversations for Exceptional Results,” which will be released in August 2023, Bianchi will discuss how to build working relationships of accountability and engagement, thereby increasing productivity and results.

Having worked with organizations worldwide, Bianchi’s workshops have gained rave reviews. “Nicole’s energy was tremendous, her presence was engaging, and the content was very relevant. Through her stories, I felt her vulnerability and passion. She truly inspired everyone to figure out their next small brave move and to go make it!”

Nominate a co-worker for complimentary registration as recipient of Paul Patton award 

With registration for the Oct. 23-26 PMI23 Manufacturing Success Conference in Seattle opening this summer, start thinking about which of your co-workers you will nominate for the first annual Paul Patton PMI Manufacturing Success Conference Award.

The award will recognize an employee of a PMI member company who shows outstanding potential for a career in plumbing manufacturing. The award recipient will receive complimentary registration to PMI23, including the PMI Inspiring Leaders Program on Oct. 23 and the PMI Meeting of the Membership.

Any employee of a PMI-member company who is nominated by a fellow employee or team member is eligible for the award. Nominees must participate in PMI activities; show career potential; and possess outstanding characteristics relating to leadership, community service, teamwork, or other personal qualities.

The award’s namesake Paul Patton was a former president of the PMI Board of Directors. He was passionate about developing the talents of young people, having served as a mentor for interns at Delta Faucet Company and as an advisor for students at Butler University.

Nominate a co-worker today! The winner will be recognized at the annual PMI Meeting of the Membership. Registration for PMI23 and the PMI Inspiring Leaders Program will open this summer.

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